Many people enjoy living in Austin, a south-central Texas city known for its music festivals, varied eateries and bustling economy. If you consider moving to the state capital, be sure to look at real estate for sale in Bouldin Creek. This quiet lakeside neighborhood offers pleasant parks, excellent schools and easy access to everything you need.


Bouldin Creek is known for a diverse populace. Residents range from computer technicians to retired seniors. Local families or entrepreneurs own many businesses, so they feature unique styles, products and services. Thanks to the neighborhood’s long history, locals can appreciate numerous historic buildings.


One advantage of living in Bouldin Creek is that you rarely have to travel far. The district is home to small grocers, hair salons, restaurants, specialty shops and various service providers. This walkable neighborhood also has multiple bus stops.

One well-known eatery is known as Green Pastures. This attractive restaurant has remained in business since the mid-1940s. Many years before desegregation laws were instituted, it allowed customers of all races to eat in a non-segregated dining area.


In many ways, Bouldin Creek’s economy is more prosperous than that of Austin in general. The typical family income exceeds the city average by over $2,300. Somewhat higher percentages of the district’s residents obtain high-paying technology, engineering, and legal and management jobs.

Berry Creek HOA

Since 1971, this locale has benefited from the efforts of the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association. This volunteer organization works to protect the interests of residents and shield the area from excessive commercial development. Membership and volunteer activities are open to everyone who lives in the neighborhood.


Bouldin Creek is home to the Texas School for the Deaf and Becker Elementary. Local children can reach the elementary school by walking or riding buses to West Milton Street. Compared to the rest of Austin, the private school enrollment rate is considerably higher in this area. Local middle and high schools can be located close by.


Residents have easy access to multiple parks with a variety of recreational opportunities. Bouldin Creek is also near a lake. One of the district’s public parks can be found on South Sixth Street. It is located along a creek, spans two acres and offers several amenities:

  • Sheltered picnic area
  • Recently installed splash pad
  • Playground for the kids

The neighborhood’s property values exceed the city average by about $164,000. However, real estate buyers can find homes for sale in Bouldin Creek that suit a variety of needs and budgets. They range from $200,000 condos to 7,000 square-foot mansions priced at over $1 million. To learn more about this area and local home-buying options, please contact Hopkins Real Estate today!